Our Environmental Manifesto

Over 92% of our food packaging is made from


bagasse or cardboard.

Since opening, we have eliminated both plastic drinking straws and single-use plastic water bottles

Since we started making our own yogurt nearly 2 years ago, we have


our output

of plastic food containers from around 180 per week to under 10 per week. We’re especially proud of this statistic!!!


When you dine-in at our cafe, you’ll notice that we’re

No paper serviettes and no paper placemats. Instead we use fabric table runners and tablecloths as well as linen napkins

Promoting a

vegan diet

is an integral part of our mission. Our aim is to produce vegan

cakes and slices that taste so good that our customers won’t believe they’re eating vegan. We’ve grown our base vegan menu to 12 desserts, we celebrate Vegan Tuesday every week and we trial at least 3 new vegan recipes each month.

Where possible, we buy


foods to reduce our transport carbon footprint.

Our strawberries come from Moc Chau, our honey comes from Ha Giang and our coffee comes from Dak Lak. We’ve employed a full-time purchasing officer to help us eliminate as many unnecessary imported ingredients as we can and replace them with high quality, locally-sourced alternatives.