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The art of storing tea – The Eastern & Oriental Tea House and Coffee Parlour

Moisture is tea’s biggest enemy, and in a humid climate like Hanoi’s, tea lovers must carefully strategise in order to preserve our tea if we want it to last more than a couple of months. Glass, lacquer, metal, ceramic or plastic jars can all be used to successfully store tea, provided they have tightly-sealed lids. Exposure to light also takes a toll on tea, so you may be safer using a storage container that blocks out all light, such as pottery or lacquer, and avoid keeping tea near windows- it’s much safer kept in a cupboard.

Once the temperature in your kitchen rises above about 27 degrees Celsius, tea will start to deteriorate, so you should definitely store tea away from sources of heat such as ovens and stoves. Finally, as tea is a such a porous commodity, it easily takes on the aroma of strong-smelling substances stored nearby. Keep tea away from spices and if you have any strong-smelling teas in your cupboard, store them separately from mild-smelling teas like green tea.


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